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Uncompromising Quality: Leather Bags Built to Last

Uncompromising Quality Leather Bags Built to Last

Tahera Jabeen, a development professional, has been a user of Gootipa bags since the very beginning of Gootipa’s journey. While Tahera may not claim to be a fashionista, she values the importance of using stylish products that seamlessly blend with her daily needs.

As a working woman, she often finds herself on the move, juggling multiple responsibilities and requiring a reliable bag that can keep up with her dynamic lifestyle. That’s where Gootipa bags got into her way. With the innovative designs and practical features, Gootipa bags have become Tahera’s trusted companions throughout her demanding professional activities.

She learned about Gootipa from a local pop up exhibition in the city in the year 2017. When asked about her favourite Gootipa bag, she responded, ‘I don’t recall names; I pick random ones for my purpose. Some bags were small, and some were spacious. The spacious ones helped me carry my cell phones and other must-haves for work.

Responding to a question on what was missing in Bangladeshi products and what could be done to meet customer desires, she expressed difficulty finding stylish footwear for her size! She adds that she would love it if Gootipa could introduce perfectly styled, ethically made shoes in versatile sizes. She also talks about how we all have a part to play in promoting local businesses and says customers should choose local products over those made in other countries to help economy grow.

Tahera’s preference for Gootipa bags is not merely based on their functionality and durability, but also on their commitment to sustainable practices. As a development professional, she understands the significance of supporting environmentally conscious brands. Gootipa’s dedication to using eco-friendly materials and adopting responsible manufacturing processes resonates with Tahera’s values, making the brand an ideal choice for her.

Tahera had long awaited the day Gootipa could provide her with all the products she’d ever hoped for, and it looked like Gootipa was on its way to doing that. She was asked about her opinion for Gootipa’s global standards. She replied, “Hard to say, as I only explored a little beyond Aarong. My experience tells me that Gootipa delivers high-quality leather bags that last for a long time and their customer care is also pleasing and we are satisfied with the products, she added.

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