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Creating bags with a global outlook and standards, Gootipa places its mark on contemporary style. Our journey started from the dream of giving you a state of the art experience regarding fashion and comfort. Gootipa understands the needs of every style-spirited soul that seeks to resonate with comfort, trend, and cost effectiveness, when choosing footwear, bags and accessories.

This brand is committed to strive to only deliver you the very best. Gootipa gathers its zest from the abundant natural and human resources of Bangladesh while projecting love and dependability in the hearts of consumers. Our “made in Bangladesh” spirit is one of our leading strengths towards changing the economy of Bangladesh, providing an edge to all clients in design and value. We produce 100% of our bags in Bangladesh – our motto is to create employment opportunities while expanding the market for local products in an increasingly import-flooded market.

Gootipa is a registered brand by Leatherina Pvt. Ltd. (Trade License #TRAD/DSCC/214944/2019 | BIN # 000620025-0206), which is a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). We are also a member of E-commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-Cab), Member ID: 2122. Gootipa is committed to a sustainable local economy and environment. We aim to create a healthy and fair business ecosystem where both parties: company and the consumers support each other in a way that contributes to a sound growth of local business.

Our workers are our business stakeholders who enjoy a healthy environment in the workplace.

Crafted with love and care

Contributing to the betterment of people and planet


Mission & Vision

We mission to produce high quality leather bags uplifting socio-economic conditions of the artisans while creating awareness about fair trade among the consumers. In our production process we tend to make and follow the best way to reduce environmental harm making the fashion industry good for planet and people.

Our vision is to become an inspiration for sustainable global brands, by driving them towards ethical fashion that can lead to a livable planet.

Quality Gurantee

As a women-owned business and guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization, we are a leather industry leader in Bangladesh. Each product created combines an artisan approach to design, handmade and machine craftsmanship, and the utmost focus on quality standards. We are continually researching techniques to ensure the best results in creating and designing using a diverse spectrum of raw materials.
Every piece of material and trim is hand selected to confirm our utmost commitment to quality standard, chic design, and functionality. Through fair working conditions for employees, and a dedication to the betterment of our community, we are continually upskilling our young artisans. Ultimately making a positive impact in their lives, and within the industry. Being a change maker in the Bangladeshi leather goods industry is the goal we strive for every day.

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Moments in Frame

Taslima Miji receiving her ‘Women Trading Globally’ business course certificate from Australia Awards in Sydney, November 2019

Bibi Russel, Bangladeshi fashion designer and former model, proudly displays Gootipa bags at her Dhaka workspace

Gootipa founder Taslima Miji warmly greeted by former US Ambassador to Bangladesh Marcia Bernicat at her residence

In July 2018, former Dutch ambassador Leoni Cuelenaere visited Gootipa’s factory and praised the work of Taslima Miji

A meticulous German buyer examines and assesses the quality of Gootipa bags at a trade show

Leida Rijnhout, Chief Executive of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), visited Gootipa’s fair trade factory in Savar in September, 2023

During her visit to Bangladesh, Drs. Heidy van der Ploeg, program manager of the Dutch agency CBI, visited Gootipa’s showroom

In 2019, Ambassador Charlotta Schlyter of Sweden warmly greeted Gootipa founder Taslima Miji at the embassy residence during a dinner

In March 2020, Taslima Miji was honored with an appreciation crest in the “Radhuni Kirtimoti” award program by Square Group

Taslima Miji received the Platinum award from Oikko Foundation on November 2023 for her outstanding contribution to the SME sector

Taslima Miji spoke at a Women’s Day Celebration discussion in 2023, organized by Health Care Pharma, the country’s largest pharmaceutical company

Renowned actor and architect Aupee Karim commended the intricate workmanship of Gootipa bags during her visit to a local pop-up market where Gootipa was exhibiting

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