Why genuine leather?

Leather has been around since 1300 BC; every piece of leather used by the civilisation tells a story. Leather products have been valued possessions for ages. They can be repaired, restored and reused—naturally

Taking care of your leather bag

Your leather accessories are works of art that have been lovingly handcrafted. Various types of leather can be used in bag-making, including cowhide, calfskin, and lambskin. Each type offers unique characteristics – for example

Gootipa through Eti’s eyes

Specialising in creating fashionable and functional work bags for working women, Gootipa has been thriving by creating quality goods integrating culture and intricate craftsmanship.

Gootipa’s lasting impact as a social enterprise

The sunlight illuminated through windows at an angle, painting everything in gold and orange rays as artisans were busy cutting and sewing beautiful leather bags and accessories – this is where Gootipa makes their exquisite leather goods.

Gootipa’s work for women’s empowerment

The old saying “the glass ceiling” is true for many women in the factory workplace. They struggle against a system that constrains them, but they’re not giving up without fighting!