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Gootipa’s Lasting Impact as a Social Enterprise

Gootipa’s Lasting Impact as a Social Enterprise

The sunlight illuminated through windows at an angle, painting everything in gold and orange rays as artisans were busy cutting and sewing beautiful leather bags and accessories – this is where Gootipa makes their exquisite leather goods. You can walk with pride because they are part of something much bigger than just one person’s business success story; it represents how hard work pays off for society.

With a distinct range of colours and styles, Gootipa bags are perfect for professional women who want to look their best and feel confident. Whether heading to a meeting or out for drinks with co-workers, these bags will have you looking chic and polished.

But we know many brands that provide stylishly quality leather products, so what makes Gootipa stand out? Keep reading and learn about our journey toward becoming an impactful social enterprise. 

What Makes Gootipa Stand Out

In 2016, we took our first steps toward producing quality leather goods. It was a leap of faith that paid off when demand from online shoppers skyrocketed.

As a woman-owned business and one of Bangladesh’s leading manufacturers of handcrafted leather goods, we combine traditional craftsmanship and culture with modern production techniques. Taslima Miji, the founder of Gootipa, says that it was not only the product that had to make the impression but the emotion that went into creating it. This was the tipping point for the boom in the publicity of local products. The public reaction has been overwhelming. She attributes this change to today’s demand for quality products because most consumers got accustomed to imported bags that provide better options.

Gootipa prides itself on its sustainably sourced quality leather and attention to detail in each handmade product. The company also stays on top of current trends in the fashion industry, constantly re-designing to appeal to a wide range of customers. 

Gootipa is a local option in a market saturated with imported bags that have embraced culture, sustainability, and craftsmanship.

Additionally, the company offers a personalised customer experience, making the shopping process seamless and enjoyable, making Gootipa a top choice for those looking for unique, well-made leather bags.

The company sources its woodfrom sustainably managed forests. It uses non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes and finishes on all products. Gootipa also ensures a safe and sustainable working environment for all employees at their production facilities. They ensure that their products are not emotionless but a notch higher that carries emotion and culture.

Team Gootipa makes all these possible with talented individuals passionate about creating unique and functional pieces because of our ethos – staying on top of current trends while staying true to our signature aesthetic.

By consistently delivering exceptional products and upholding our credos, we confidently stand strong in the test of time in the leather bag industry. We want to create a utopia for leather goods that shows creation’s quality and emotion.

Embark On The Journey Of Gootipa – How We Turned This Dream Into A Reality

Our production process aims to produce quality leather bags that uplift socio-economic crises in artisans’ communities while creating awareness about fair trade among consumers by following sustainable fashion design methods that can lead toward a lively, sustainable planet!

Bangladesh is a land of plenty, with abundant natural resources and hardworking people. We embody this spirit of culture and lives, striving to deliver only the best to our customers.

Proud To Be Certified By WFTO

We are proud to be “Made In Bangladesh” and pride ourselves in operating and presenting you with quality goods. Our passion for excellence makes us a brand you can trust, and we look forward to bringing you joy for years to come.

Our bags are made in Bangladesh with 100% Bangladeshi labour – we’re dedicated to creating jobs and boosting the local economy. Gootipa is a registered brand by Leatherina Pvt. Ltd. (Trade License #TRAD/DSCC/214944/2019 | BIN # 000620025-0206), which is a certified member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

Our Workers Are Our Partners!

Gootipa is dedicated to creating a sustainable local economy and environment. We strive to create a healthy and fair business ecosystem where both parties: the company and the consumers, support each other in a way that contributes to the strong growth of local businesses. Our workers are our most important stakeholders, and they enjoy a wholesome environment in the workplace.

Maintaining Premium Quality Our approach to design is artisanal, and we focus on ensuring quality standards in everything we make. Our products combine handmade and machine craftsmanship to provide the best possible results. We are constantly exploring new techniques to improve our creations and designs.

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