Easy Mask - Black

Easy Mask - Black
Tk 150

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Type: Non-medical cotton mask
Size: Adult
Layer: 3
Qty: 1 pc
Clipping: Ear loop with adjuster with head lock
Wash instruction: Wash before use. Soak the mask in detergent and water for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly in room temperature water. Allow to completely dry in direct sunlight or air. Iron for sanitization and better fit, avoiding elastic.

Gootipa easy masks have been tested and verified by the global certification agency SGS, to be 92% efficient in particulate filtration. We understand that many of us have no other option, and need to step out of the home daily to make a living in a new normal. Our easy mask is now available in an upgraded design to keep everyone protected in public settings.
Easy mask is a sustainable, eco-friendly Covid-19 response of the Bangladeshi fair trade brand Gootipa. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Gootipa's research and design has strengthened the supply chain of non-medical masks for everyone. Gootipa is committed to give you the best products, made ethically in a fair trade environment.


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