A Perfect Fusion of Style and Functionality

Featuring Dr. Nazneen Ahmed, the country economist of UNDP Bangladesh today. Upon hearing about Gootipa from a friend and colleague, Bidisha, who had nothing but high praise for the emerging brand’s leather accessories, Dr Nazneen knew it was something worth trying immediately. At the time, Gootipa had started its incredible journey by launching its business on Facebook.

Nazneen said in an interview by this writer, ‘I am a mindful wearer’. When asked about her fashion choices she clarified, I am careful about what I wear and I don’t buy random outfits or accessories. Instead, I choose my products according to the occasions and places I visit. She also added that she was not someone who made statements by choosing high-fashion accessories but someone who had her way of styling fashion. She also believed people must be conscious of self-care and live a healthy lifestyle.

She shares her piece of mind about Bangladeshi products that could hugely benefit from global trend integration. When you add practical marketing to the mix, this could lead to a bigger market. Consumers must also do their part to help local businesses by appreciating and supporting the brands they buy from.

When asked which products she wants to see the most, she replies, ‘I am a working woman, and I need to carry many things with me every day. Therefore, I need fashionably functional work bags. And so, I would love to see Gootipa develop more XL-sized bag options, such as travel Carry-ons and Weekender bags. I am looking for party clutches for a few upcoming family events.’

Dr Nazneen agrees that Gootipa follows international standards. The brand has become a go-to destination for customers like her, who need style and functionality in one package. While it may rival other global brands in design and quality, Gootipa stands out by having tailored options that fulfil people’s desires like her. Dr. Nazneen is happy to recommend Gootipa to her friends and family. Many have already begun purchasing from the brand after falling in love with Gootipa’s outstanding collection. Now, most of their purchases come from local entrepreneurs to support local products and culture.